These days, when you are getting orthopedic surgery, you have a choice between traditional or robotic surgery. In traditional surgery, surgeons work without the benefit of a robot. They make large incisions, remove the painful joint, and replace it with a synthetic joint. Robotic surgery is, of course, assisted by a robot. This incredible technology allows surgeons to use smaller tools, make precise incisions, and follow their surgery plan more closely.

As orthopedic surgeons who offer both traditional and robotic surgeries, the team at Arizona Specialty Hospital is better positioned to give you an honest answer about which is right for you. We aren’t motivated to guide you to only one kind of surgery. And it’s not the case that everyone is better off getting robotic surgery.


What is Better: Traditional or Robotic Surgery?

Both types of surgery have their benefits. In robotic surgery, research demonstrates that patients can make faster recoveries and feel less pain after their procedures. For example, with total knee replacements, research has demonstrated that those who get robotic surgery are able to raise their knee faster, achieve a better range of motion, and are discharged from the hospital faster. They typically also feel less pain, need less physical therapy and are overwhelmingly satisfied with their surgery three years later. This is specifically true for Mako robot-assisted knee surgeries. Many other robot-assisted orthopedic surgeries have similar advantages.

While robotic surgery has been shown to have statistical advantages, you’re not a statistic. You’re a person with unique anatomy, pain, and other health conditions. There are circumstances where traditional surgery is a better route.

One of those circumstances is when you’re not comfortable getting robotic surgery. Some people balk at the idea of robot-assisted surgery, and that’s okay. We give our patients choice in their orthopedic surgery so that if you’re uncomfortable, you can still get the surgery that you need to recover from your chronic pain and regain function in your hip and leg.

If you have a lot of scar tissue around your hip or have certain health conditions, you and your surgeon may decide that traditional surgery is a better option for you.


How Do I Know if Robotic Surgery is Right for Me? 

Robotic surgery is an option for you if you are in need of orthopedic surgery, such as a full knee replacement, partial knee replacement, or hip replacement. However, just because it’s a possibility, doesn’t mean it’s right for you. How do you know that it is the best option for you?

Ultimately, it is best to talk with a physician and surgeon that you trust about whether robotic surgery is right for you. At the Arizona Specialty Hospital, we employ the best orthopedic surgeons in the Phoenix Arizona Metro Area. There’s no one better to discuss your care with than our expert team.


The Orthopedic Experts

Arizona Specialty Hospital performs both traditional orthopedic procedures, spine surgery, and more advanced orthopedic procedures. Our facility offers a choice of traditional or robotic options for hip and knee replacement using the Mako robot.