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Choose the foremost experts on orthopedic surgery in the Phoenix, Arizona Metro Area. You’ll find them at Arizona Specialty Hospital, a leading surgical facility with multiple awards, accolades, and a reputation for excellence in all aspects of orthopedic surgery and spine surgery.

We can connect you with the best orthopedic surgeons, who focus on personalized care and cutting-edge technology to get you the best recovery and function in your knee, hip, spine, leg, and more. We have expert teams to guide you through your surgery experience, from pre-operative education to full recovery a few short weeks after your surgery.


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the foremost expert of orthopedic surgery options within the Phoenix Arizona Metro area

Robotic Orthopedic Surgery

The physicians at Arizona Specialty Hospital are experienced with cutting-edge robotic technology that can assist us during your surgery. We use the Mako robot to perform many different orthopedic surgeries.

Robotic surgeries offer many benefits, for most patients, including:

  • Small incisions and less scarring
  • Less pain and pain medication
  • Faster and more complete recoveries

Robot-assisted surgeries achieve all of this because they allow surgeons to use smaller tools more neatly and precisely than they can achieve with their own hands. They can make smaller incisions, keep more healthy bone and other tissues, and more precisely position your replacement joint.

To prepare for robotic orthopedic surgery, we make a comprehensive plan for your surgery with 3D modeling and CT scans. Our team is dedicated to making sure you have the knowledge you need to prepare for the surgery and understand what will happen. We always focus on maximizing your goals and recovery.

During the surgery, our surgeons use a high-definition camera and a console to guide the robot to follow the surgery plan. Our surgeons are highly skilled in this technique and can achieve fantastic results.

That said, robot-assisted surgeries are not for everyone. There are circumstances where traditional surgery may be better. You can get advice from the leading orthopedic surgeons about what would be best for you at Arizona Specialty Hospital.

If you are considering robotic orthopedic surgery, contact us today.


Center of Excellence for Total Hip and Knee Replacements

Arizona Specialty Hospital performs both traditional orthopedic procedures, spine surgery, and more advanced orthopedic procedures. Our facility offers a choice of traditional or robotic options for hip and knee replacement using the Mako robot.