Introducing Iovera° Pain Treatment

Introducing iovera°

iovera° is a revolutionary new way to treat pain using FDA approved cold therapy. Arizona Specialty Hospital now offers iovera° as a treatment for pain for knee injuries as well as a pre-operative solution for post-operative pain after knee surgery.

How iovera° works

The iovera° treatment is based upon the well-established science of cryotherapy. The injection precisely targets pain-signaling nerves to provide immediate relief, which lasts until the affected nerves regenerate. The iovera° system has been studied in clinical trials and is FDA-cleared to block pain in peripheral nerves.

iovera° benefits

  • Treatment for anticipated post-surgical pain before it even occurs
  • Pain management that works, without the risks of oral medications
  • A long-lasting solution for acute pain from an injury

Who is a good candidate for iovera°?

Candidates for iovera° include patients who will soon be undergoing knee surgery, as well as patients who are currently suffering with knee pain that has proven resistant to other methods of pain management.

What to expect from iovera°

Your iovera° injection may work almost immediately, as the cold therapy “freezes” the nerve responsible for carrying pain signals from the site of your pain to the brain. The nerve will regenerate over the course of six to eight weeks, by which point your pain may have subsided.

Stopping Pain Cold.

Non-Opioid Pain Relief.

Do you have stubborn knee pain or are you expecting a knee surgery in the near future? Ask us about iovera° today.

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