Robotic Hip Replacement

Now, robots can assist in your hip replacement, giving surgeons more information and more control, so that your hip replacement goes smoother. Robot-guided hip surgeries often result in less pain for the patient, and a faster recovery, so that you can relieve your chronic pain for good and get back to living your life. We offer surgery with the Mako robot so that you have the option to explore this minimally invasive surgery type.

At Oasis Hospital, our surgeons and physicians are always striving to provide the best quality orthopedic surgery options. That’s why we offer robotic hip replacement options and are prepared to help you weigh whether this surgery type is right in your unique circumstance.

How Does Robotic Hip Replacement Work?

Before the surgery, we use cutting-edge technology to make a 3D model of your hip from CT scans. Everyone’s hip is a little different, so it is important we capture your unique anatomy. Using this model, we make a plan for your hip replacement about specifically what and where we’ll remove tissue to make way for your new hip. We may use an anterior or a posterior approach, depending on what will be most successful for you.

During the procedure, your surgeon uses a robot to make precise, careful incisions. The Mako robot has tools that are smaller than a surgeon could handle on their own. However, with a high-resolution camera and a console, the surgeon can make the smallest cuts. They can also have robot guidance to place the new hip. The robot helps the surgeon stick to your surgery plan as much as possible, so that you get better results.

The Results of Robotic Hip Surgery

Robotic hip surgery can get some patients better results than traditional surgery methods. Research has found that total hip surgeries completed with the Mako robot preserve more of your existing healthy bone, which is beneficial for you. These surgeries also tend to cause less pain for the patient, and less need for in-patient physical therapy. Our patients can typically walk the day after their surgery and will often complete total recovery faster.

At Oasis Hospital, we find that our patients appreciate the option to have robotic-assisted hip surgery because of the predictability and better results it typically offers. When you have a clear picture of what the surgery entails and how your body will react after the fact, it makes both pre-op and post-op life a lot less stressful.

Talk to the Surgeons at Oasis Hospital

Is a Mako robot-guided total hip replacement right for you? There are other hip replacement options. But the leading physicians and surgeons at Oasis Hospital can help you make the right decision for your hip so that you can feel confident you’ll get back to living the life you want to live after the procedure. Reach out today to discuss your options with the best orthopedic surgeons in the Phoenix Arizona Metro Area.


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