Robotic Knee and Partial Knee Replacement Options

Robot-guided surgeries offer some patients with knee problems better quality surgery, with less pain, less need for physical therapy, and overall better recovery. At Arizona Specialty Hospital, we have the Mako robot technology to offer you robotic knee replacements and partial knee replacements that can get you back on your feet and doing what you love without chronic pain sooner.

At Arizona Specialty Hospital, we are committed to clinical excellence, which is why we offer the option for robotic orthopedic surgeries. Learn all about how these procedures are performed, what makes robotic surgery different, and the typical results of a robotic knee surgery below.

How Does Robotic Knee Surgery Work?

Robotic orthopedic surgery starts with a detailed, 3D CT scan of your knee. We get a clear picture of the exact anatomy of your knee and then we set our goals, such as maintaining healthy muscle and healthy bone in partial and full replacements. We create a plan for your surgery with all of this information.

During the procedure, your surgeon controls the robot through a computer console. The robot has very small tools, that a human couldn’t control with just their hands. But our expert surgeons use the console and high-resolution camera to make precise, tiny incisions exactly where they need to be. The result is a procedure that follows your specific surgery plan as closely as possible.

The Results of Robotic Surgery

Mako partial knee replacements and Mako full knee replacements have been well studied. Research demonstrates that those who get these surgeries need fewer painkillers, are discharged from the hospital earlier, need fewer in-patient physical therapy sessions, and are satisfied with the results three years later.

At Arizona Specialty Hospital, we find that many of our patients who need partial knee surgery appreciate the robotic option because it allows them to preserve as much of their existing knee as possible. Frequently Mako patients will be able to raise their leg faster, leave the hospital faster, and achieve a better range of motion with their new knee.

Trust the Surgeons at Arizona Specialty Hospital

At Arizona Specialtys Hospital, we have some of the best orthopedic surgeons in the area. We’re committed to offering high-quality, individualized care to every patient, to help them meet their unique challenges and recover as much pain-free use of their knee as possible.

Our surgeons have achieved awards and accolades for their work, including knee replacements. Preparation for surgery and recovery from it is a team effort, which is why we work with other leading healthcare professionals to care for you from per-operative education through to full recovery a few short weeks after surgery.

Get the best total knee replacement from Arizona Specialty Hospital. Reach out to our physicians today to discuss if robotic knee and robotic partial knee replacement are best for you.


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