Phoenix Orthopedic Hospital

Choose the foremost experts on orthopedic surgery in the Phoenix, Arizona Metro Area. You’ll find them at Arizona Specialty Hospital, a leading surgical facility with multiple awards, accolades, and a reputation for excellence in all aspects of orthopedic surgery and spine surgery.

We can connect you with the best orthopedic surgeons, who focus on personalized care and cutting-edge technology to get you the best recovery and function in your knee, hip, spine, leg, and more. We have expert teams to guide you through your surgery experience, from pre-operative education to full recovery a few short weeks after your surgery.

  • Please note that our facility’s website is not secured as we do not collect personal or private health information via our site. Accordingly, the “Contact Us” form is not intended for use with personal or private health information, however, e-mail sent via the “Contact Us” form is sent to a facility employee on a secure e-mail server. This form is for new patients inquiring about our facility and services. If you are a current patient, please call us at (602) 797-7700.