Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain: Causes, Symptoms, and Relief

Back pain is one of the most common reasons people go to the doctor or miss work. Lower back pain is also a leading cause of disability worldwide. Nearly four out of five people will suffer lower back pain at some point in their lives.   If you’re living with lower back pain, it’s important…

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Orthopedic Surgery

How to prepare for surgery

The decision to undergo orthopedic surgery is not an easy one, and there are many things to consider, from preparing for the operation to post-operative recovery. At Oasis Hospital, we understand that staying in a hospital is not everyone’s first choice, we strive to make our patients stay as comfortable and “Un-hospital-like” as possible.  …

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Hip Pain

The Causes and Treatments of Hip Pain

Hip pain is a prevalent condition that can be caused by an underlying issue, or it can also be as simple as overuse and extended periods of awkward or unusual movements. Our hips are constantly in use, taking a lot of strain over the average lifespan. This is why serious hip problems tend to occur…

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knee pain

What causes degenerative knee disease (Osteoarthritis)?

We put our knees through a lot, and over time, the joints in our knees can become painful, leading to osteoarthritis of the knee, also known as degenerative arthritis of the knee. The condition involves changes that happen to the cartilage in our knees that protect the bones in our joints from rubbing together. When…

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Back Pain: Scoliosis

What is Scoliosis?

In its most simple definition, scoliosis is a curvature of the spine. The condition is most often detected in childhood or during a person’s teenage years and while many cases are mild, it can worsen as time goes by. The condition affects roughly 2-3% of the population in the United States and is more common…

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ACL Injury

What every athlete should know about an ACL injury

ACL injuries are one of the most common injuries OASIS sports medicine professionals see in their practices. These injuries which occur in the knee ligaments are so common that there are an estimated 100,000 to 200,000 ACL injuries in the United States every year.   An injury to the ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, can…

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Shoulder Arthroplasty

What is Total Shoulder Arthroplasty?

Severe shoulder pain can not only limit a person from doing physical activities they enjoy, it can make doing everyday things, such as getting dressed in the morning, nearly impossible. One way of treating severe shoulder pain that doesn’t respond to physical therapy or medication is through total shoulder arthroplasty, also known as total shoulder…

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Lower Back Pain Relief

Exercises for lower back pain

Back problems are one of the most common ailments we see in patients. Persistent and chronic back pain afflicts an incredibly large percentage of the population in the U.S. In fact, nearly two-thirds of all working Americans, some 65 million people, have reported some degree of back pain.    This can be the result of…

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Golf Elbow Pain

Golfer’s Elbow Symptoms and Treatment

Golfer’s elbow, or medial epicondylitis, is not strictly reserved for golfers, although it is a common injury associated with the sport. It is a broad term for a form of tendonitis experienced in the area where your forearm muscle tendons attach to your elbow. It occurs on the inner side of your elbow and can…

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Robotic Orthopedic Surgery

The Benefits of Robotic Orthopedic Surgery

As with many other medical procedures today, patients who require orthopedic surgery will have the option of traditional or robotic-assisted surgery.    Understandably, some patients are unsure about robotic surgery and have a few questions – Are robots performing the entire procedure? Is it ultimately safe? What are the benefits? Why should I choose robotic…

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Spine Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

Spine Surgery: Frequently Asked Questions

The physicians and staff at OASIS Hospital know that every patient is going to feel more comfortable if they are better informed about their surgery. Having spine surgery is a major decision and you’ll likely have a lot of questions leading up to and following the procedure. Below you’ll find some of the most frequently…

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How to Choose an Orthopedic Surgeon in Phoenix

Finding and choosing an orthopedic surgeon can be an intimidating process and it isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Whether you’re having shoulder, knee, hip, or some other kind of musculoskeletal problem, you’re going to need an expert team in your corner that deeply understands the level of care required and is equipped to…

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What to Know About Arthritis

From aching knees and sore elbows to joint cracking and popping, it’s all part of the territory when it comes to arthritis. Some 50 million people in the United States suffer from some level of arthritis, and as anyone who has arthritis knows, it’s not fun and can really put a damper on enjoying life…

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